1-Day Davao Oriental Tour for Only Php 1,100

MWS and Friend in San Victor

Davao Oriental is just one of the five provinces that comprises Davao Region. Other provinces are Davao del Norte, Davao Occidental, Davao del Sur, and Compostela Valley. Davao region was formerly called Southern Mindanao because it is situated at the southeastern portion of Mindanao. I’ve been to Davao Oriental once with friends and we visited Mati and Lupon. And we also enjoy some chill time at Blue Bless Beach Resort. So, when my friend invited me to explore Davao Oriental, its really hard to say no. I’ve been there once and I’ve always look forward to visit it again. How I […]

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The Famous Aliwagwag Falls of Davao Oriental

Lor at Aliwagwag falls

Aliwawag Falls Eco Park – our last destination before we head back to the city. It was a long day exploring Baganga, Davao Oriental but definitely worth it. We got to relax and dip on a hot spring. Felt a bit adventurous with stunning falls. Amazed by how mangroves defended Baganga and remained beautiful even after being hit by a typhoon at Sunrise Boulevard. An island escapade that made us enjoy the tropical feel and swim our hearts out.  So lastly, another natural attraction we need to visit before we call it a day is the famous Aliwagwag Falls. About the […]

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San Victor Island: A Must Visit in Baganga

San Victor Island in Baganga Davao Oriental

My trip to Baganga will never be complete without visiting one of its famous islands, the San Victor island. This island facing the Pacific Ocean is owned by the Diocese of Mati and managed by the Catholic Parish of Baganga. A 3-hectare island that’s very accessible from the highway, about 20 minutes drive from Baganga’s town proper and 5 minutes boat ride from the mainland. This jewel was recognized as one of the top must-visit tourist spots of Davao Oriental and the Davao region as well. The powdery white sand, clear turquoise waters, and its marine life are just a […]

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The Sunrise Boulevard of Baganga, Davao Oriental

Sunrise Boulevard Baganga

Our trip to Baganga, which is known as the first class municipality of Davao Oriental Province and is located in the easternmost province in the country, has been amazing. After the Balite hot spring and the Campawan falls, our next destination is Baganga’s beautiful Sunrise Boulevard. Probably around 30-45 mins from Campawan falls, we passed by the coastal road of Baganga, Davao Oriental, and we saw a park where whitewashed mangroves stand starkly against the sea and the sky. This place is called Baganga Sunrise Boulevard, located in Brgy. Dapnan, Baganga, Davao Oriental. The history: Before the Typhoon hit in […]

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The Amazing Curtain Falls in Campawan, Davao Oriental

Curtain Falls Campawan

Imagine getting into the pristine remoteness of an area away from your busy urban life. Think of trekking into a place with lush green trees getting in touch again with nature’s pristine beauty. Here’s another adventure to discover a naturally simple yet amazing water wonder – the Campawan Curtain Falls. How To Get There The Curtain Falls is located in Barangay Campawan, Baganga, Davao Oriental. If you travel from Davao City to the town of Baganga, you may take the 5-hour ride through Compostela Valley road. You can also go through Mati City in a 6-hour ride. The Campawan Curtain […]

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The Relaxing Balite Hot Spring in Davao Oriental

Balite Hot Spring in Baganga

Every time the word “Balite” is mentioned, I always have this eerie feeling since stories I have heard about balite are linked with horror and horrible narratives. In the Philippine myth, balite (fig tree or banyan tree) is said to be associated with creatures and elementals. Old folks forbid the said plant to be made as an ornament because it attracts negative forces and bad spirits. It is probably the reason why I have a creepy impression on that thing. Some known places in the Philippines are also recognized because there is a presence of a large balite tree and […]

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Davao Resto: Omotenashi Japanese Hub

Omotenashi Japanese Hub

Konnichiwa!! Do you like Japanese food lover? Are you looking for a place to dine at the heart of Davao City? You might want to check out the newly opened Omotenashi Japanese Hub at Matina Town Square (MTS). The Japanese word “Omotenashi” represents the act of providing detailed service in a variety of ways to allow guests to spend a relaxing and memorable time by putting customers first. “Omotenashi” is simply a word fo “hospitality”. Omotenashi Japanese Hub is composed of 3 specialized restaurants namely Takoyaki Samurai, Yakiniku Kojima in Davao, and Ninja Dining Group. These restaurants simultaneously operating inside […]

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The Incredible Magpupungko Beach and Tidal Pools in Siargao

Magpupungko Beach and Tidal Pools in Siargao

Magpupungko beach and tidal pools is just one of the many natural attractions you can find in Siargao that should definitely be on top of your list to visit. This gem is home to a beautiful white beach and natural pools where you can swim on low tide. How to Get there: If you haven’t been to Siargao, I have shared my travel guide on how you can get to this beautiful island. Depending on where you are staying, it will take an hour or two just to get to Magpupungko Beach Resort, which is situated at Barangay Consolacion at Pilar, Surigao del […]

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Throwback Story: Bounce Back From Rock Bottom

throwback story

Today, I just want to share a short throwback story. My life story that pushed me to go out, be myself, and explore as many places as I could. I use to think I was “lost”, but now I recognize I’m on a road with no set destination and that is okay. I am learning and growing as I go. – Amarachi Nwosu Throwback Story: How I Bounce Back From Rock Bottom Before I’m always afraid and I kept doubting myself. I always ask for someone else’s opinion and let them decide for me. Not too long ago when I hit […]

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Travel Guide: How to Get to Siargao Island, Philippines

Siargao Island Travel Guide

Summer ain’t over yet and we still have few more days to enjoy and go out for a quick summer getaway. Check out Siargao Island, the surfing capital of the Philippines, located at Surigao del Norte. It is a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea that is composed of 48 islands and islets. The island is divided into nine municipalities: Dapa, Burgos, General Luna, Del Carmen, Pilar, San Benito, Santa Monica, San Isidro, and Socorro. Things to Do in Siargao: The island is known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” but no need to be a surfer to enjoy the […]

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