Monthly Review: A Bittersweet January

January has finally over and it leaves me with bittersweet memories. It was a fun, exhausting, and sad month for me. But it was surely is a memorable one. Here’s what happened in the month of January: New Years – I welcomed 2018 at home with my family. Surprisingly, I did part of the cooking and I think I did a pretty good job. Hehe. On the second day of the month, we have to send my grandmother to the hospital. She’s not doing well for the past few months. But 5 days after, she passed away. It’s painful but […]

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Throwback Story: Bounce Back From Rock Bottom

throwback story

Today, I just want to share a shortΒ throwback story. My life story that pushed me to go out, be myself, and explore as many places as I could. I use to think I was “lost”, but now I recognize I’m on a road with no set destination and that is okay. I am learning and growing as I go. – Amarachi Nwosu Throwback Story: How I Bounce Back From Rock Bottom Before I’m always afraid and I kept doubting myself. I always ask for someone else’s opinion and let them decide for me. Not too long ago when I hit […]

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