About My Wander Story

Hey there! My name is Lor and welcome to My Wander Story!

“Traveling – it leaves your speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

I made this blog to document my experiences as I travel. I love budget travel, food, blogging, and everything in between. Sharing travel advises and adventures to inspire you is something I’m passionate about.

Not a full-time traveler yet but I’m dreaming of becoming one. Feeling blessed that I can always bring my work with me as long as I have internet connection. Currently, working as a full-time Project Manager and part-time Wanderer.

What I love  about traveling is I get to feed my evolving love for food and to immerse myself in the local culture. And I want to share my stories from every destinations that I’ve been. My ultimate goal is to live a fulfilling Travel Lifestyle. So I challenge myself to go and wander even if I have to do it SOLO.

I know anything is possible if you just believe.

“Have courage and always be kind.”