The Relaxing Balite Hot Spring in Davao Oriental

Balite Hot Spring in Baganga

Every time the word “Balite” is mentioned, I always have this eerie feeling since stories I have heard about balite are linked with horror and horrible narratives.

In the Philippine myth, balite (fig tree or banyan tree) is said to be associated with creatures and elementals. Old folks forbid the said plant to be made as an ornament because it attracts negative forces and bad spirits. It is probably the reason why I have a creepy impression on that thing.

Some known places in the Philippines are also recognized because there is a presence of a large balite tree and believed to have been reported with several sights of ghostly creatures near it.

The Balite Hot Spring

When I first heard about the Balite Hot Spring, I just imagined a hot spring located in the heart of some place where there is a big and historic balite tree nearby. (So I was kinda hesitant to go but maybe it wouldn’t be well-known if it is not safe, right?) This hot spring is one of the must-go spots in Baganga, Davao Oriental, so to say. So on a midnight, I traveled with some friends to Davao Oriental with the idea of dipping ourselves in some hot hydro-massage treatment.

How To Get There

WeΒ drove five to six hours after in Barangay Kinablangan, Baganga where Balite Hot Spring is located. This is the shortest route from Davao City where you can travel through Compostela Valley road. You can also go to Baganga if you ride and pass through Mati City which is a different course.

Best Times of the Day

When we finally arrived, the morning sun was already up. There were less people around. Ideally, the place is nice to visit during early mornings and evenings. (You wouldn’t want to submerge yourself in a hot spring at noontime, right?)

Balite Hot Spring in Baganga
Met a New Friend on this trip and he dared to lie down on the stone where the hot water flows and he only lasted 5 seconds. haha!


There are cottages for rent which only cost a small amount of money. Entrance fee is just Php 10.00 and you can stay for a relaxing hot spring dip. Makeshift cottages are available at only Php 200.00. We brought our own food and drinks.

The place is just naturally simple. There are lots of green around (including the moss deposits in the rocks).

Oh, and by the way, I didn’t see any balite tree near the hot spring. Haha. On why they named it Balite Hot Spring, that I’m not sure! Comment below if you know. πŸ™‚

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