Hello, everyone! When you say “summer” the first thing that comes to our mind are beaches. Right? Well, if you’re staying in Davao City and you wanted to escape and have a quick beach time, you might want to check out Costa Marina Beach Resort. Just right across the Davao Gulf and that’s minutes away from the port located in Sasa area.

Costa Marina Beach Resort is one of the most accessible and budget-friendly resorts located at Caliclic, Babak District in Samal Island. Aside from its accessibility, the resort is almost never crowded and it’s privacy makes it special.

Costa Marina Beach Resort
Welcome to Costa Marina Beach Resort!

How To Get There:

There are two ways to get there. Whether you commute or not, it’s very easy! Here’s how:

1.) Costa Marina Ferry Port (recommended)

From the city proper of Davao City, take a jeepney or a taxi that is bound for Sasa and inform the driver to drop you at the Paradise Island Resort and Costa Marina Ferry Port. From the ferry port to Costa Marina, boat fare is at Php15/person but if you are alone and you don’t want to wait, you can have the boat for only Php 150 (applicable for less than 10 persons). It will only take 15 minutes travel time. The first trip is at 6 AM and 5 PM is the last trip.

2.) Ride the Ferry

This is ideal for those who like to bring their own vehicle to the resort, maybe if you want to stay overnight. From the city proper of Davao City, go to Km. 11 Sasa Port. Upon arriving at the Babak Port, turn right and just go straight until you reach the resort. You may also hire single motorcycles, multicab or tricycles to take you to the resort proper itself.


  • Person – Php 10.00
  • Motorcycle & Bicycle – Php 60.00
  • Tricycle – Php 125.00
  • Light Passenger Vehicles – (4 Wheels-carrying passenger only- Php 270.00
Costa Marina Ferry Port
Costa Marina Ferry Port

My Experience:

Clean, well-maintained, white sand and budget-friendly is how I describe the place. For most Filipinos, tanning is not a thing so having trees lined up at the shoreline to provide a natural shade is a win-win. Under the trees and just steps from the water would be the best spot to hang out to play around and have a picnic.

Keep in mind that in this part of Samal Island low tide begins at around 10 AM and then the water comes back to shore at around 3 PM. Don’t be disappointed you can still take a dip but you’d have to walk farther out to sea.

I’ve visited the resort twice. My first was back in 2014 and then recently this year. I’d say a lot has changed – more rooms, enhanced designs, and they still continue to improve the resort. I wonder how it would look like on my next visit. 🙂

So here are a few tips for anyone who wants to visit Costa Marina:

  • Highly recommend choosing the Costa Marina Ferry port in going to the resort. Cheaper and faster!
  • For a day tour, be sure to come very early to enjoy the water and avoid getting burnt by the tropical sun.

mabuhay Costa Marina

Rates and Accommodations:

Day tour and overnight guests will have to pay the entrance fee but the tables, chairs, beach beds and umbrellas are already free to use.

Day Tour – Php 150/head
Night Tour – Php 250/head
Overnight – Php 400/head

They have a wide selection of overnight cottages that can accommodate different group sizes. Some are situated on the rear part of the resort, among trees and some with a view of the beach. All cottages are air-conditioned and have clean private bathrooms.

For bookings and inquiries, here are their contact details:

  • Booking office: Km. 9, Sasa Davao City, Philippines
  • Tel No: (082) 233-0229
  • Mobile No.: 0917-795-8372 (globe) | 0947-438-3464 (smart) | 0922-947-2641 (sun)
  • Facebook Page


The resort offers excellent amenities including:

  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Dart
  • Billiard
  • Function halls
  • Videoke/Karaoke
  • Restaurant

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Hope you’re enjoying getting your tan lines this summer!