Isla Reta Beach Resort at Talikud Island

Isla Reta Beach Resort

Isla Reta Beach resort definitely makes the perfect destination for a weekend getaway, an island of peaceful and natural ambiance. Just an hour boat ride away from the city. Located at Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Talikud Island Davao del Norte, Philippines.  They named the island Talikud, which means “back” in Cebuano because Talikud island can be seen at the back of Samal island. These two islands are the two main islands of IGacoS or Island Garden City of Samal.

Famous for its untouched sea kingdom, beautiful and peaceful serene beach, and natural corals that pops up anywhere besides its shores. A really good place to visit when you want to be one with nature since it’s a less developed resort.

How to get there?

From Davao City, just simply go to Sta Ana Pier, located just beside Magsaysay Park. For 45 minutes to an hour, you will reach the resort.

Pump boat Services
Departure times are subject to change without prior notice so please arrive earlier than scheduled, especially during weekends and holidays.

Sta. Ana Pier to Isla Reta
9:00 AM – Isla Reta Boat
10:00 AM – Pacific
12:30 PM – Jessa
2:00 PM – Shirley
3:00 PM – Grace
4:00 PM – Hof Gorei

Isla Reta to Sta. Ana Pier
6:15 AM – Shirley
6:30 AM – Jessa
8:00 AM – Hof Gorei
3:00 PM – Isla Reta Boat
3:00 PM – Pacific

Boat Fare – 3yrs old and above- Php 80.00

Boat Rental (roundtrip) – Php 17,280 (108 capacity)

Blessed are the curious for they will have adventures

(Rates as of January 2017 – Rates are subject to change without prior notice)

Entrance Fee:

Day Tour

Adult – Php 100
Child (4-10yrs old) – Php 50.00
Child (below 3 yrs old) – FREE


Adult – Php 200
Child (4-10yrs old) – Php 100.00
Child (below 3 yrs old) – FREE


Concrete Cottage – Php 900/night good for 2 person
Native room – Php 800/night good for 3 person
Dormitory – Php 6,500/night good for 22 person
Picnic Hut/Open Cottage – Php 400/night
Tent – Php 400/night good for 2 person

Contact Details:

Mobile: +63998-991-6690
Phone: (082) 234-7903
FB Page: IslaReta.Beach

My Experience:

We booked concrete rooms for an overnight stay two days ahead. We woke up early to prepare our food and be able to catch the 9 am a boat. At 8:30 am we arrived at Sta Ana Pier but the boat already left.  Therefore, we have to wait for the next boat and the next schedule is 10 am. Yes, we waited for an hour. Just a note if you end up waiting just like us, don’t be a surprise if a few kids will ask you to throw coins on the sea and they’ll dive for it. They’re pretty good!

So after an hour, we arrived at the resort. And it’s lunchtime! Though they do have a restaurant/canteen, knowing it’s weekend you might wait for awhile to get your food. Good thing my brilliant best friend made sure we pack our lunch.

menu and prices

Based on my experience, here are some tips and advice for you if you want to visit here as well:

  •  Please arrive earlier than scheduled in Sta Ana Pier for the boat. I recommend the earliest schedule for Day Tour guests since 3 pm is the last trip back to the city.
  • Bring some food.
  • For overnight stay be sure to book ahead of time. (see the contact details above)
  •  Never drink the tap water. Even if you shower, you’ll know why.
  • Electricity is something the resort needs to improve but you can rent power generator from 6am-3pm at Php 150 per hour. But if you stayed on their rooms, you will have electricity from 3pm-6am.
  • Sea urchins present on the beach might spoil your fun, just keep your feet away from them.

Here are some photos from our weekend getaway to Isla Reta:

sands and corals

weekend in the resort

family beach time

rocks by the beach

Me enjoying the beautiful scenery

feet, sand and the beach

friendship goals
Friendship goals!

Coconut trees

Open Cottages

tent by the shore

Me by the beach

I love beaches and checking out resorts. If you’re a beach bum like me, leave in the comment section your favorite beach resort. I’d love to check them out! 🙂

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