The Amazing Curtain Falls in Campawan, Davao Oriental

Curtain Falls Campawan

Imagine getting into the pristine remoteness of an area away from your busy urban life. Think of trekking into a place with lush green trees getting in touch again with nature’s pristine beauty. Here’s another adventure to discover a naturally simple yet amazing water wonder – the Campawan Curtain Falls.

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How To Get There

The Curtain Falls is located in Barangay Campawan, Baganga, Davao Oriental. If you travel from Davao City to the town of Baganga, you may take the 5-hour ride through Compostela Valley road. You can also go through Mati City in a 6-hour ride.

The Campawan Curtain Falls is a one-hour ride from Balite Hot Spring which is our first stop. Once you reach Campawan, the falls is around 20 minutes away from the highway. You will have to hike from the parking lot to the final spot.

The falls is situated near a forested area so the trek towards the location is a leisurely adventure with nature. The roads, although made open for public, are not concrete. It is quite uneasy going there since you have to get through big rocks in the river to reach the final spot. But the hike is worth it and you will get amazed by this nature’s wonder once you already see the water falls.

Curtain Falls Campawan

The Curtain Falls

The Curtain Falls derives its name from the formation of the waterfalls itself. The cool falling waters come from the river above and the large flat rock causes it to flow on a curtain-like pattern. Campawan Curtain Falls is said to be the widest curtain falls in the whole Davao Region. The waters fall from a distance of around 20 feet in height and its width is maybe around 50 to 60 feet.

It falls into a shallow basin of water below where you may take a dip or a swim. You can actually climb on the rocks beside the waterfall if you want to reach the spot above. Once you’re on top, you can see another falls from a view. These are quite far from the Curtain Falls and will take almost an hour to hike.

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The place is kept at its natural form and is not that really developed although it is already open for tourism. You don’t have to pay for entrance fee. Makeshift cottages are made available by the locals for rent at a rate of Php 100, but if you do not wish to rent a cottage, it’s okay. There’s a lot of shades nearby. You are free to bring your food and drinks as you enjoy taking pictures around.

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One will surely take pleasure in taking a cold shower under this fascinating waterfalls. Definitely, a nature’s wonder!

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