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I’d love to hear your wander stories! Yes, I’m open for guest articles. I want to be inspired by your travel stories and adventures.

Guest Contributor Guidelines:

  1. Email your article to
  2. Include a photo of you and your bio. (2-3 sentences and don’t forget a link to your site or profile)
  3. Photos (only that you have taken, or have rights to) including of products you recommend are preferred. The higher quality the better, please. We may or may not use the photo but the better the quality, the much more likely we will be able to use it.
  4. Please submit as a document (word doc preferred).
  5. Content should be 500-750 words.
  6. My Wander Story reserves the right to make minor edits. If it doesn’t fit our requirements, we will let you know.
  7. Please use spellcheck and check your grammar.
  8. It does not have to be new content. We are happy to use content that has been written elsewhere on your site. (Less work, yay!)

Content Strategy:

We specialize in the delivery of meaningful, inspirational and exciting content at the intersection of travel, food, and adventures (just think a beautiful and inspiring Pinterest board for the awesome Traveler). More of what you really want to see and less of what you don’t.

We are passionate about creating content for everyone who are dreaming of traveling and need a bit of inspiration. If a million people saw one of your articles and the world would be a better place, please send it to us!

Before you submit, can you answer “yes” to these questions:

1) If a million people saw one of your articles would the world be a better place?

2) Is the article something you would you share if you found it online? Would your friends share it?

3) Are there enough visual elements for someone skimming on the phone?