Throwback Story: Bounce Back From Rock Bottom

throwback story

Today, I just want to share a shortΒ throwback story. My life story that pushed me to go out, be myself, and explore as many places as I could.

I use to think I was “lost”, but now I recognize I’m on a road with no set destination and that is okay. I am learning and growing as I go. – Amarachi Nwosu

Throwback Story: How I Bounce Back From Rock Bottom
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Throwback Story: How I Bounce Back From Rock Bottom

Before I’m always afraid and I kept doubting myself. I always ask for someone else’s opinion and let them decide for me.

Not too long ago when I hit my rock bottom and I kinda lost my way for a bit. But when you have those people who never leave your side, you’ll be motivated to push yourself up and face the world again.

It was a long process and it wasn’t easy. I sat back and think of the things I’m grateful for and what makes me happy.

I have a great family, supportive friends (best travel buddies), a good job and an awesome boss. I’m forever grateful to these people!

My passion is to travel and explore new places. I like trying new things.

I’m grateful that I can do the job I love and at the same time do things that I’m passionate. So, I travel and work at the same time.

Hitting my rock bottom changed me. I just stop doubting myself and just GO. I stop caring about what other people think and stop procrastinating.

Now, my mom would ask me “where do you plan to go next” instead of “how are you feeling.” Haha!

My siblings would tease me, “Keep searching for your forever.” Haha! (Bullies!)

My friends, they are more adventurous than me and we keep planning for trips. I’m already booked until October. πŸ˜†

“The Key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go.”

Last month I’ve explored islands and beaches and natural attractions. This month, I’m gonna conquer mountains. Going for a trek for the first time. I’m pumped!

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