The Virgin Island in Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines

Virgin Island near Bantayan Island in Cebu City, Philippines

Island hopping to Virgin island was our first itinerary after arriving to Bantayan island. So after checking in to our resort, we head on to look for a boat that will take us there. I’m ecstatic as it has always been my goal to visit as many island in the Philippines as possible. Another island is off my island bucketlist!

About Virgin Island

Virgin Island is just one of the 167 small neighboring islands surrounding the beautiful island of Cebu. Other top famous islands includes Mactan, Camotes islands, Malapascua, Olango and (of course) Bantayan island. Being or even living in Cebu will definitely make you a beach bum and enjoy a tropical life!

The Virgin island, locally known as Silion Island, is a small island in the municipality of Santa Fe, Bantayan. This privately-owned island is where you will find the sparkling water meets the gorgeous white sand and coconut trees swaying over a white beach. The clear sparkling blue water, lush tropical trees, and serene atmosphere makes this island as one of the most scenic beaches I’ve been to. Coral reefs also surrounds the island which made it an ideal place for snorkeling and diving.

Language They Speak

Locals speak Cebuano. Nonetheless, they can also speak well Tagalog or Filipino. Not everybody can speak well the English language but majority can understand the language.

Things You Can Do in Virgin Island

  • Take a dip on the islands crystal clear water.
  • Go for snorkeling. I highly recommend snorkeling, they have the friendliest fishes I’ve ever met. You don’t have to swim farther just to see them. There are lots of them just close to the shore. Kids and non-swimmers (like me) will really enjoy!
  • For something extreme, try cliff diving. 
  • Take lots of pictures.
  • Play beach volleyball with friends.
  • Relax and chill at the lounge chairs and hammocks – it’s free!
  • Buy souvenirs at their shop.
  • Stay overnight and enjoy an island life.
  • fish feeding
  • Snorkeling in the marine sanctuary
  • Bring your own food to the island. No corkage and free use of the grilling facilities.
  • Dine or order food at their restaurant. Grilled seafood is a big hit!

How To Get There

First you have to go to Bantayan Island, which I shared  a travel guide in going to the island here. From Santa Fe it won’t be that hard to go to the island.


Once you are in the port area or in your resort, locals will usually approach you offering to take you to Virgin Island. Otherwise, talk to your resort staff if they can arrange a roundtrip for you. It would only take around 20 minutes to get to the island.

Where To Stay

The island offers overnight stay. We didn’t stay overnight and I failed to ask for the rate. Don’t worry, I did my research for you. 🙂

For overnight stays, you can occupy a cottage or build a tent for the full night at Php 1,500 good for the first five persons. And an additional 200 pesos for any additional person.

But if you’re uncomfortable sleeping outdoor, they also offer bamboo house for Php 1,500 good for two person only.

I recommend you can contact them directly for inquires: 09328721557 / 09207466053. (Hope these numbers still works!) Make sure to inquire first as there are limited rooms available.


Bangka (small boat) – A full-day trip by boat to the Virgin Island will costs you between Php 800 to Php 1,500 depending on the number of passengers.

Entrance fee – P250/head for the first 2, then P100/pax for the 3rd and subsequent people in the group. Only the boatman is free to enter the place without cost.

Picnic huts – You can pic from Php 300, Php 500, Php 600, and Php 1000.  Just pick one that suits your needs and budget.

Snorkeling gear – the boat man offered us snorkeling gears for rent at Php 75 so we don’t have to rent in Virgin island that is Php 200.

Travel Tips

  • Bring sunscreen.
  • There are different sizes of cottages so just pick one that suits you needs and budget.
  • Hilantagaan Island – another island close to virgin island. So if you’re going for island hopping, make sure you make this clear with your boatman. No island fee on this island since it is public.
  • If you travel solo or even in pair, you have to budget more as it will cost you more than traveling in a group. Virgin Island is better suited to big groups because of their odd fees.
  • Better rent your snorkeling gears in the mainland as it is cheaper than in Virgin island. But make sure to inspect the equipment thoroughly.
  • There is a restaurant on site. We did order and their servings are normally for 2-3 persons but we think the serving is for 3-4. It’s huge!


Definitely this island is a perfect place to escape away from the city. And surely a must see when you visit Bantayan island. The entire area is well-developed and well-maintained. The island is beautiful! We only had a day trip but the island is just fascinating.

The coconut trees are just so refreshing. I love the serene atmosphere. I enjoyed chilling out in their hammocks. The white sand is fine. The crystal clear water didn’t disappoint me. I had fun snorkeling…the fishes are not scared to swim with you. I didn’t go cliff jumping but my friends did. And oh boy, that was so high.

The resort itself is clean and tidy – very well managed. The staff members are accommodating and always available to gladly serve you. The food is okay and it’s not that pricey.

I hope I can visit this island again and be able to stay for two days or more so I can enjoy it’s beauty day and night.

Nonetheless, they really invested a lot decorating/beautifying this island. It’s a bit pricey but totally worth it!


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