Davao Resto: Omotenashi Japanese Hub

Omotenashi Japanese Hub

Konnichiwa!! Do you like Japanese food lover?

Are you looking for a place to dine at the heart of Davao City?

You might want to check out the newly opened Omotenashi Japanese Hub at Matina Town Square (MTS).

The Japanese word “Omotenashi” represents the act of providing detailed service in a variety of ways to allow guests to spend a relaxing and memorable time by putting customers first. “Omotenashi” is simply a word fo “hospitality”.

Ayala Business Center at Matina Town Square
Ayala Business Center at Matina Town Square

Omotenashi Japanese Hub is composed of 3 specialized restaurants namely Takoyaki Samurai, Yakiniku Kojima in Davao, and Ninja Dining Group. These restaurants simultaneously operating inside the Ayala Business Center of MTS. The chefs, as well as the food ingredients, come from the land of the rising sun. They just opened last July 21st, 2017 with the special participation of the half-Japanese half-Canadian movie star, Maria Ozawa.

Omotenashi Menu
The Menu.

Omotenashi Japanese Hub Grand Opening

Weeks before their launching, my friend invited me to dine at their grand opening. As a huge fan of Japanese foods, it’s hard to say NO. We arrived a little late and surprisingly almost all the food on their menu is SOLD OUT. A great sign that their foods are great!

Here’s what I ordered:

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The food is really good! Takoyaki is my fave so far. I think they’re able to deliver their promise of giving their guest a truly authentic taste of Japanese Cuisine.

Take me to Japan!

Aside from good food, one of the things that I loved about this restaurant is how they designed the place. Never been to Japan but I’ve always dreamed of going one day and they just made that dream somehow a reality. 🙂  I know I sound exaggerating but you can actually feel the Japanese vibe as you enter the place. Perfectly instagrammable! Here are some photos to prove how awesome this place is.

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